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Consumer Products and Services

In our rapidly developing world, the communication strategy of companies producing consumer products and services were affected by many things, and they are changing it almost every year to be able to react to these. This includes the “digitalization” of our society, the forming of generation Z, the economic uncertainty and also the growing of market outlets. Our lives are constantly determined by globalization, but the unique characteristics of countries and areas will not change. So we not only have to consider these local characteristics, but also foresee next year’s trend. We must be innovative and we must help our clients develop their communication strategy – so they can achieve their goals.
The range of consumer products is the widest, from the motor industry, through pesticides and the clothing industry, to the IT sector influencing our daily work or tourism. In each an every case, the clear message of the brand to reach the target audience, to be accepted by them and most of all loved by them is key, and it has to be something they can identify with.

Content and Publishing Strategy

We consume content. But it is important what we consume and where we consume it. Thanks to generation Z, developing and producing content have reached heights never seen before. Let it be video or written content, it is extremely important that they induce the proper reaction in the proper medium from the consumers. Considering the target groups, the wording of the message of a brand can be different, but it always have to follow the main characteristics of the brand, so the customer can clearly identify it.
When introducing a product or a brand, it is extremely important where these messages appear, how they follow each other and how the certain appearances are linked together. In case of social communication, where it is even more easier for users to look back contents, the right planning is also essential. This of course has many advantages, as with our precisely planned strategy people can spend a lot more time with getting to know the contents, which also help to increase their commitment.

Crisis Management

It takes years for companies to build their reputation and to be able to count on the prestige and recognition of their brands. But crises can arise at any moment, which an organization must be prepared to react to. This is why it is so important to analyze the whole market and all available data, so we can find the best possible solution. We cannot leave the task of working out a crisis management strategy to the last minute.
We must not forget the extremely fast data flow available in our digitalized world, which can destroy a reputation in seconds. Digital crisis management requires special expertise, as it does not only mean one article anymore that is distributed day by day through word of mouth, but an almost unmanageable mass of information that grows by every second.
Of course our experts are not only prepared for B2C crises, but also for product recalls, litigation procedures, pricing-related problems and for the nowadays more and more common natural disasters. With our help, the pressure on the brand can be significantly decreased, and with our carefully built strategy the unwanted effects can be mitigated.
Thanks to our wide network of relations, we help our partners build the perfect crisis management strategy and communicate in case of a true crisis.

Brand Marketing

Recently, the significance of ideas have become much larger. It is important for the audience to recognize these messages as their own, and to come to love the brand. We must find the connection points between the brand and the real world, and our experts, our creative staff and our creators are here to help with that.
We ensure this competitive advantage by using the right platforms and exploiting the newest technologies. We are continuously researching and developing our methods, to learn how companies can make an effect and create value with our help, which can even mean team building within the organization or even charity projects.
The goal of brand marketing is for the audience to learn the product as a genuine brand that is their own, and for them to be loyal to it. Thanks to digitalization, utilizing the shortcomings of the government and other sectors, some brands offer more and more value and provide safety to the customer. People would like to know what is behind a brand. They are interested in it, they would like to talk about it and discuss it and even have an interaction with by initiating real-time conversations on the different platforms of social media. This also provides an opportunity to increase satisfaction and to form a „friendship”. Maybe never before had brands so many ways available to achieve this than now, especially if we consider the opportunities provided by the global market, as they are able to address people with a main message, but they can still do it locally to learn what the people are motivated by.
We know and understand what influences and motivates customers, so we are able to determine the connection points correctly. We also use the data provided by artificial intelligence, so we know exactly how users think and behave.
As 360 PRSolution is a multicultural agency, by utilizing our resources, we are able to provide our partner brands with the understanding of cultural risks and clear communication.
This allows for our partners to achieve significant successes and development.

B2B Marketing

The communication with business partners may be the one requiring the most complicated strategy, as on a changing and extremely competition-oriented market companies must do their best to be efficient and remembered. Cost is also important, just as building their market consequently, and passing on their competitive advantage to their partners accurately. B2B communication can not only address direct resellers, but even partners on a similar level, with whom cooperation can guarantee continuous and profitable operation for both parties.
So how exactly 360 PRSolution can help with this?
Our experts not only deal with communication, but also know all levels of the vertical market. This way we maintain a wide web of relations in every country with distributors, dealers, system integrators, different fan groups, governments and armed bodies as well. By understanding our clients’ goals, we produce such added value which is essential for the target audience – in this case for their partners –, and which is profitable for both parties.
Our local colleagues create the right marketing and relations program by implementing the messages and goals determined by the global strategy, which – by including the relevant decision makers and opinion leaders in the process – allows us to reach the potential clients.
We provide the widest possible range of solutions for the different sectors, such as fashion, IT, the chemical industry, military goods, the food industry, the governmental and many other areas.

Change Management

Many reasons can be behind an image makeover of a company. Let is be restructuring, an acquisition or a merger, our experts are available in the most critical moments. By determining the business goals and working out the strategy together, we ensure the safe operation of our clients.
Thanks to our global network, based on the characteristics of the sector and implementing the methodology of the already existing successful transformations, we can also provide useful advice during changes in companies.

Data & Analytics

Knowledge is power. We hear this sentence often, which captures the importance of knowing information perfectly. The more data we have about something, the more we know it, provided that we can understand what they would like to tell us.
Data can help make business processes smoother, understand the behavior of customers or the audience, and reach them more easily. We at 360 PRSolution help collect these data, we analyze and visualize them to be able to provide a simpler review and advices to our client, which allows them to develop their activities in a more innovative way.
In case of the right conclusion, communication will be more transparent, more sophisticated, and we will also be able to understand the way the different type of media work.

Public Affairs

Governments and central banks play a more and more significant role in global economy, the involvement of politics can be found in almost every sector. While keeping our basic principle – i.e. to be independent from governments – the political relations of our experts are extremely important from the aspect of our clients, as we can lobby for them, and can analyze the different economic opportunities in depth.
Our team dealing with management of public affairs plan the proper lobby activities and communication with our clients relying on global analyses and relations.
Usually we trust in long-term strategy, but we can overcome the political barriers also short-term, and can help our clients choose the best possible method of communication. We harmonize printed, online and television media, and by adding social communication to these, we can achieve huge successes. Let it be a general government sector, culture, industry or armed bodies – we provide the right campaign for your company.

Social Media

Using social media is one of the largest challenges market players are facing. Besides that it is “mandatory” to be present, very few can manage the right strategy and presence, as this is an extremely complex system. We must also be able to understand the data the social media can provide for us.
We must see, that although companies can advertise themselves on these platforms for free, it can make a big difference how they do this, what kind of image they create about themselves, how do they handle their audience and for what exactly they are using each of their social channels.
Our experts not only analyze and understand the expectations of the community, but also prepare a customized plan about the language that can be used in social media, and about content development and community management.
Thanks to the management and AI-based analysis systems we use, we can create an ever more precise picture for our clients about their online presence, and we can build a real community for them.

Media Relation

One of the keys to our success is what kind of a relationship we maintain with media experts. We are proud of the fact that in some countries our colleagues are in close contact with the players of the online, the printed and the television media, and with this they can help our clients forward their message to the general public.
Globally specified information can be made more colorful with local features, and this way we can forward better and more interesting contents with the media representatives. We are trying to cooperate with them keeping mutual advantages in mind, but at the same preserving values.


1992 - This was the year Microsoft presented Windows 3.1 to the public. In the last 30 years, the products of the technological sector became basic components of our lives, and our lives became digitalized. Nowadays we are not buying products anymore, we are buying, consuming complex experiences, and technology became essential. There may not even be a company who does not use the competitive advantages provided by digitalization, moreover, companies can achieve significant successes by implementing new technologies.
However, without being aware of the current trends and communication tools, digital transformation can have many potential pitfalls for market players. By emphasizing their values, 360 PRSolution helps its clients grow continuously in this ever changing world.
Thanks to working together with many clients and brands, when building local markets, we have a large amount of data available for us from both the B2B and B2C sectors. By relying on these information, our experts can determine the strategy on the vertical market creatively.
This technology-supported efficiency guarantees the future successes of our clients. With our colleagues being customer-driven, flexible and cost‐effective, we provide the best possible services on the market. According to our corporate culture, our local experts help the brands with their knowledge of the local market (regulations, legal situation, political knowledge, economic circumstances), but they also rely on global data.
The interest of consumers in a certain technology or service can develop in a matter of days, which can be an extraordinary direct or indirect burden during the change. We help our clients find the balance between human things and technological things, and we do this with a sense of humor, creativity and stability.
We will make also Your story come true.

Media Production

Media production? Nowadays, everyone is a media producer and a media consumer in one. Let’s just think about how we can make almost any kind of visual content with our phone. The emphasis is not only on the technique, but more on the perspective of the media creator. Let it be a photo, a video or music, they convey emotions. Emotions that emphasize the features and message of the brand.
Our goal is to create contents that truly reflect the message of the brand, but at the same time they show it ethically in a real-world situation, which is good for the consumer to watch and learn the message through it. A recording is not only a video, a photo, not only a captured moment – it must mean so much more. They represent the perspective of our experts who can identify with the needs of our clients’ and also understand the users’ visual expectations.
We deem value creation extremely important, to be able to create something permanent, let it be an influencer campaign or an in-depth interview, or even the recording of a whole television show.
Of course to be able to create the most perfect content, we employ extremely talented cameramen, editors and photographers, and their added visual perspective, combined with the insights of the PR and the marketing team will deliver the perfect result.